1.1.15 Patch Update: Overworld Events, Clan Reputation, Puzzle Game Mode, More

In the latest story, you, Magister Merlin, journeyed into the desert with new friends, Soren and Alsa, embarking on an exciting new adventure. You participated in the grand Warsong Festival and discovered signs of Hypogean activity. Before the story continues, let's take a brief respite. Check out the exciting new modes and gifts in the upcoming version!



Clan Reputation Quests

Your old friend Kruger is currently rebuilding the Grimmaw Clan. He believes that the clan's insular traditional views need reform. Determined to ensure that what Soren experienced never happens again, Kruger seeks your help to make the Grimmaw Clan more open-minded.

After completing the main story, Kruger will give you a Reputation Quest every day. Complete these quests to earn Reputation Points as you explore the Grimmaw Clan's history and witness its transformation. As your Reputation Level rises, you'll also receive generous rewards!

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Astral Fair

Periodically, the stars align in a special constellation, symbolizing joy and good fortune in the legends of Esperia. During this time, all factions come together to celebrate with galas of exciting events!

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Century Quest Expo

As the Astral Fair begins, Century Quest enthusiasts from the Lightbearer Empire embark on a continent-wide pilgrimage to promote the game. You, Magister Merlin, will meet players from far and wide, engaging in fierce battles. This is your chance to show your Century Quest skills and make new friends.

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Sorting Stall

As the Astral Fair approaches, the Mithril Consortium will purchase goods from across the continent for the celebration. You can help them procure these goods from merchants and join in on the festivities!

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Trivia Quiz

During the Astral Fair, scholars host trivia quiz events throughout the land, encouraging everyone to demonstrate their wisdom by answering questions. You can visit different quiz locations and challenge yourself with various topics. You'll earn a hat symbolizing wisdom if you answer correctly. The taller the hat, the greater the wisdom!

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Whether you're participating in the Century Quest Expo, busy at the Sorting Stall, or putting your smart to the test in the Trivia Quiz, Esperia during the Astral Fair is sure to keep you entertained.


Hero Drills

Hero Drills is an exciting new puzzle-solving feature where you can explore various themes, mechanics, and difficulties to test your knowledge of heroes daily. Learn and master each hero's strengths and specialties, and strategically position them to overcome these challenges.

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Fairy Carnival

The Fairy Carnival may be considered a festival for children, but the anticipation of Magister Merlin's return knows no age. We've prepared a brand new festival outfit just for you, which you can easily get by completing quests. Put on your new attire and come back to see these adorable children!

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Ending Remarks

I can't wait to give them all a try, Magister Merlin! Let the celebration begin!

P.S. The From the Shadows event wraps up in just one week, so don't miss out on getting Odie's new skin for free!


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