AFK Journey Arena (PvP) Guide

The Ultimate AFK Journey Arena (PvP) Guide


⚔️ Engage in PVP Battles: Players can use Arena Tickets to challenge other players within their server. Victories in these battles earn Arena Points for ascending to higher tiers.

:ArenaTicket:Ticket Mechanics: Players receive 4 free arena tickets daily and can purchase up to 5 tickets using diamonds. As players reach higher tiers, they unlock more free tickets. Click the "+" icon next to the arena ticket counter to claim additional free tickets (see visual demo below).

🚪 Opponent Selection: Players can select 1 opponent out of 3 provided choices upon initiating a challenge. Players also have the opportunity to refresh opponent choices 5-7 times, depending on their tier.

🛡️ Defense Formation: Set up a strong Formation for defense against incoming player challenges, as victories or defeats in defensive battles also impact your Arena Points.

:arenacoin: Unlock Rewards: Beyond the direct rewards tied to daily, weekly, and Arena tier advancements, players can also unlock perks from daily quests, guild quests, and growth trial by participating in Arena battle mode!

⏰ Make sure to use up all your arena tickets daily!


:greenuparrow: You gain points from all successful battles, including victories in challenges and successful defenses against other player's challenges.

:reddownarrow: Vice versa, you lose points from defeats in challenges and failed defenses.

Before Champion Tier:

  • Winning against opponents with lower points than you give about 10-25 points
  • Winning against opponents with similar points as you give about 26-35 points
  • Winning against opponents with higher points than you give about 36-50 points
    Note: The points you gain lower as you reach higher tiers.

Once you reach Champion tier, the points you gain and lose significantly decrease.

Make the most of your opponent refresh chances 🔁 by selecting opponents with lower power levels for smoother victories. Avoid risking battles against stronger opponents for more points, as defeats lead to point deductions and waste your daily battle chances.

:ArenaTicket:Use your arena tickets later in the day to minimize the risk of losing tier due to challenges from other players before the daily reset.

:dias: If you're close to advancing to the next tier, it is worth it to spend diamonds on arena tickets!


Click on "Formation" to access your defense formation, this is the layout that will be used for defending against challenges from other players.

For beginners, opt for your strongest PVE heroes in PVP battles, as they may outperform meta heroes at this point. Refer to the Meta Defense Heroes page for guidance.

Prioritize survivability, since if the timer runs out during your defense battle, it counts as your victory.

Choose the map layout carefully, as it will be the configuration used for defending against player challenges. Note that maps are not randomized, the map you select and save will be the map used for all your defenses.

Review your battle history to watch replays of your losses against other players. Use this info to improve your formation and adjust your hero selections.

:attack: The sword icon represents your offensive battles, and :defense: the shield icon represents your defensive battles.


Rank up to get tons of goodies!


📝 Purchase Priority

1. :Cecia:Cecia until you get her to Supreme+ (unless you want to save resources for Carolina who's better for PVP, then Mythic+ will do).

2. If you don't have Brutus or Rowan by now, you should also opt to get a single copy of each.

3. Then prioritize copies of other meta heroes you already have, such as Hewynn or Granny Dahnie.

4. :StellarCrystal: Stellar Crystals are viable for spenders or late game due to Reinier being one of the best heroes in the game right now, accessible only through the Guild Store or Stargaze Station.

Note: Champion Store is unlocked when you reach Champion Rank in Arena. 🏆


🗓️Note: 'Days' indicate the time needed to collect enough Arena Coins per tier to purchase one hero from the Arena Store.


Part 2 coming soon with Meta comps for both offense and defense battles, as well as tips for formation! Stay tuned :3