The Ultimate AFK Journey Beginner’s Guide

Do you ever feel stuck? Start here! Here are 10 tips and tricks you can do to progress quickly in AFK Journey. The ultimate guide for beginners and F2P players.

| Step 1 💡

If you're stuck on any challenges, click on the info icon to see records of players who completed the AFK stage or map challenge. Tap Records, then Stats to see detailed battle info and view replays of their entire playthrough. It's a great way to get inspiration on heroes or formations for the challenge! Make sure to turn off auto skill cast and manually aim important ults, such as placing Cecia's ultimate on the enemy backline.

| Step 2 🆙

Check if your heroes are leveled up. If your tank is dying too quickly, swap it into a higher-level slot in Hands of Resonance, or try swapping in another tank or healer. If your team is not dealing enough damage, swap your DPS to a higher-level slot, or try adding in another DPS or buffers & debuffers.

| Step 3 🤝

Send your Proxy Battle Request to Team-Up, Guild, or Friend's chat, maybe someone can help you beat it!

| Step 4 🗺️

Check the world map for any new side quests, town quests, or missed chests.

| Step 5 💎

If you have diamonds and invite letters, don't save them all up. In AFK Journey, the higher level you are the more rewards you get! Only do 10x pulls on the All-Hero Recruitment banner for the discount and save about 2-4K diamonds for the daily and monthly Guild Store rewards. Beginners should prioritize exchanging diamonds for Invite Letters and Faction Acorns based on your hero ascension needs.

Make sure to redeem all the free Diamonds you can get from the available promo codes. There are enough for at least 10 pulls in total!

| Step 6 ⚔️

If it's early in the day, you can use 1-2 of your Dream Realms' battle chances to collect some stage rewards, then save the rest for later in the day when you gain more power.

| Step 7 📃

Check if you have any other battle modes available to complete, they often give 1st clear rewards and daily quest rewards that can help level up your hero.

| Step 8 💬

Check out chat to help your server and friends to beat their challenges! You get Pal-Coins for successfully assisting others, which can be used to purchase affinity items in the Friendship Store. They can be used along with plants you picked up from map exploration to increase Hero Affinity. You'll receive 100 Diamonds and one Invite Letter for reaching 1300 Affinity, so aim to spread the affinity items evenly between all heroes! Items with a heart icon mean you'll receive extra affinity from their faction bonus.🍀

| Step 9⌛

If none of the above has helped you clear the challenge that you are stuck in, consider using your daily chance of World Synergy Battle or a free Instant Attempt to get 2 hours' worth of AFK Rewards. We usually recommend using them towards the end of the day. However, when you can no longer progress, it is more efficient to use them sooner to help you through the challenge. Especially if the challenge unlocks story mode or new battle modes!

| Step 10 🐈💕

Teleport to the topmost Waystone of Holistone, pet the cat, and take a break.