Journey Unfolds: Soren – Silent Fury

In our last issue of Journey Unfolds, we introduced Alsa, a lively bloom of the desert. Today, we're thrilled to unveil the story of her brother, Soren, a steadfast warrior who stands tall alongside Alsa in protecting the Uru Clan. As a young man blessed with an impressive physique, formidable strength, and a sharp mind, Soren possesses an innate wildness and keen instincts. Let's begin today's edition and dive into his captivating story!

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Soren's Dual Identity

The Forsaken Child of the Grimmaw Clan

For Maulers, strength reigns supreme, and the Grimmaw Clan are devout followers of this philosophy, believing only the strong deserve to survive while the weak should be cast aside. Due to Soren's weak bear-like features at birth, his father, Orson, chose to abandon him. Being discarded by his own father has left an indelible mark on Soren, fostering deep-seated resentment of others and making it difficult for him to trust others as easily as Alsa does.

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The Guardian of the Uru Clan

Despite his outwardly cold demeanor and his struggle to express himself as openly as Alsa, Soren has embraced the mission of protecting the younger members of the Uru Clan. Following the passing of Pops, Soren, as the eldest child of the Uru Clan, took on the responsibility of protector at a tender age. Driven by an unwavering determination to safeguard his Uru Clan family, Soren has vowed to become the strongest.

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Soren's Skills

Soren is a Rogue who wields a staff with finesse, excelling in combat within complex terrains and providing exceptional control effects for his team.


Whirlwind Swing

Soren's Ultimate, Whirlwind Swing, allows him to select a tile on the map, leap into the air, and come crashing down with a flurry of staff strikes, damaging and knocking back enemies within the landing area. If a target collides with any unit, terrain, or battlefield boundary during the knockback, they will suffer additional damage and become stunned.

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Repel Sweep

With a keen eye for opportunity, Soren can deliver a precise, enhanced normal attack on a target, dealing damage and knocking them back. If the enemy is surrounded by their allies or blocked by terrain, they will take extra damage and become stunned.

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Soren's other two skills provide him with self-buffs, unleashing his innate combat potential. These skills reduce the damage he takes and restore his HP, enhancing his survivability and allowing him to take more hits.


Deflecting Swing

When Soren receives a high amount of damage from a single hit, his skill, Deflecting Swing, reduces the damage of that hit and triggers an additional Repel Sweep. This does not affect the current cooldown of Repel Sweep.

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Dusk Rejuvenation

His unique skill, Dusk Rejuvenation, activates when his HP drops below half during combat, invoking the Dusk's Blessing to grant him increased Haste and restores both his HP and Energy.

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Ending Remarks

As Soren embarks on adventures with Magister Merlin, will he undergo personal growth and learn to trust others? Join us in the Song of Strife season in AFK Journey to uncover more of his captivating story! is your best AFK Journey information website, featuring guides, database, builds, tier list, news, and more.

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