Song of Strife: New Season Features

Dear Magisters! The upcoming season, Song of Strife, is about to begin. In addition to new heroes, maps, and adventures, we've prepared many exciting new features for this season. Let's dive in and see what's waiting for us!


Diverse Seasonal Modes

Seasonal Progression System: Magic Charm
Magic Charms offer a new way to develop your heroes. But remember, this feature is seasonal, meaning any charms you acquire during the Song of Strife season won't work beyond that season. These charms provide your heroes with stat bonuses and special effects. The higher the quality of the charms, the stronger the stat bonuses and effects.



Seasonal Mode: Dura's Trials
Dura's Trials is a new PvE mode where you can earn resources for Magic Charms. Each day, you'll be able to challenge different types of trials, each boosting specific heroes and offering random charm drops. As you progress through the trials, you'll have a better chance of earning higher quality charms.

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Seasonal Skills
Each season brings unique Seasonal Skills that provide unique experiences. You can unlock a hero's Seasonal Skill once you reach Season Level 51, and enhance it by leveling up the hero throughout the season. Your Season Level and your progress in other Seasonal Modes will be factored in when determining the rewards you receive at the end of the season.



Supreme Arena
Supreme Arena is open every Wednesday through Sunday. Compete against fellow Magisters from your District and win best-of-three matches to climb the ranks. Keep an eye out for special deployment tiles on the battlefield to gain a tactical advantage over your opponent.



New Mini-Games Await You!

While the following mini-games will be introduced for the first time in the Song of Strife season, they will also be available in all future seasons. Don't miss out on these unique experiences while exploring the Ashen Wastes.


Action Challenge: Bestial Brawl
Magister! Beware of the ironjaws as you traverse the Ashen Wastes. These beasts fiercely defend their territory and will attack anyone who dares to enter. To collect the nearby treasures, you must dodge their charge and use it to clear obstacles.


Hunting Treasure with Hamsters
Chat with treasure hamsters to start a Treasure Quest. Set up your Loot Detector to locate hidden treasures and uncover them within the limited attempts!


Unique Battle Mechanics: Raging Duel
Both teams accumulate Rage by fulfilling specific conditions in battles. Once a team reaches max Rage, its members will receive powerful buffs that last until the end of a battle. The unique Raging Duel mechanic will only be available in certain stages.



Ending Remarks

Get ready for an exhilarating new journey filled with challenges and adventures! We hope these new features will enhance your experience in the Song of Strife season, adding fun and excitement without overwhelming you with too many tasks. So, are you prepared for a new adventure? is your best AFK Journey information website, featuring guides, database, builds, tier list, news, and more.

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