Warsong Festival is Here!

Warsong Festival is Here!

A free online AFK Journey event is now live, and all you have to do is log in daily and send invites. Among other in-game rewards, you can even win a PlayStation 5! Check out the event rules and page below.

Event Time

Duration: May 10 - May 21, 2024

The physical prize will be shipped before September 30, 2024.


1. Log in to the Warsong Festival event page to light up your first hero and receive 150 Diamonds.

2. Share your invitation link on social media platforms to light up your second hero and receive 150 Diamonds.

3. You can light up your third hero and earn a drawing attempt when a player downloads the game and creates a character using your invitation link.

4. You can light up the last hero and earn a drawing attempt when a second player downloads the game and creates a character using your invitation link.

How to Claim the Prizes:

In-game prizes:

Tap "Claim" to have the prizes sent via Mail to the linked character.

Physical prizes:

Follow the instructions on the page to send the required information to the email address provided. Player Support will respond to your email within 10 business days after the event ends to verify your details. By participating, you acknowledge and agree that we may share your information with 3rd-party vendors for prize delivery purposes

Prizes Overview

Special Reward: 1 PlayStation 5 (5 available)

S-Level Prize: 1 Epic Invite Letter (Probability: 0.1%)

A-Level Prize: 2 Invite Letters (Probability: 0.4%)

B-Level Prize: 300 Diamonds (Probability: 4.3%)

B-Level Prize: 1 Invite Letter (Probability: 4.3%)

C-Level Prize: 50 Diamonds (Probability: 45.45%)

C-Level Prize: 3,000 Gold (Probability: 45.45%)


1. To claim physical prizes, please get in touch with Player Support by May 21 and provide the necessary shipping details. If you don't submit your information within the specified timeframe, or if the information you provide is incomplete, we may be unable to ship the prize to you. In such cases, we will not arrange for a reshipment.

2. If we are unable to ship the PS5 to your region or there is insufficient local stock, the prize will be exchanged for a $500 Amazon eGift Card, and sent to the email address provided in the information collection form.

3. You can view the prizes you've received in the Prize Log at the top of the page.

4. Winners of the Special Reward are randomly chosen from the participants. If you win the Special Reward, you will not receive any items from the prize pool for this drawing.


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