AFK Journey Releases Today: Features Highlight

Hello Magisters! Welcome to Esperia and step on this remarkable Journey with us! This official release patch (1.1.13) will provide a list of features and events in AFK Journey upon release. Let's dive in!

Feature Highlights

All Heroes are available for FREE at launch.

Magister can claim All-Hero Login Rewards and get all A-Level and S-Level heroes from the six factions introduced with the official launch! Don't forget to log in daily to make sure you collect all of those free heroes, including a Select Hero Chest (Epic) on the 7th day!

Exploring the vast world of Esperia and other modes to gain 350 pulls

By unlocking Growth Path and exploring landmarks in Esperia, like Holistone, Golden Wheatshire, Dark Forest, Vaduso Mountains, and Remnant Peaks, the magister could gain more than 220 pulls by completing tasks! Besides, the Login Rewards also includes 60 pulls, don't forget to claim them!
Participate in various game modes during launch week, including the AFK Challenge, Arena, Dream Realm, Arcane Labyrinth, and Legend Trial mode. Magister can obtain 70+ free pulls and Diamond resources!
Moreover, don't forget to join a Guild and complete weeklies to claim free Celestial and Hypogean heroes from the Guild Store!

Earn FREE Cosmetics by completing AFK Stages.

During the Forward Journey event, progress through AFK Stages during the event to earn Cosmetics "Decisive Adjudicator" and "Shimmering Illuminator". Besides, top-ranking players will be listed on the server's Forward Leaderboard.

Limited-time Rate-up Event: Vala

Vala, an aristocratic lady in the light, the Phantom of Oakenfell in the night. As a powerful hero who is good at long-distance and short-distance attacks, she won't fail you as your main DPS. Her rate-up event time is March 27 to April 15 at 00:00 UTC, and unlock after 30 All-Hero Recruitments. Don't miss out!

Primal Lord Event

During this event, you'll team up with all players on the server to take on the Primal Lord, Lone Gaze and Alpha Bear. The sooner it's defeated, the greater the rewards. Each encounter with the Primal Lord earns you rewards and a chance to enter the Eternal Inscription, a permanent leaderboard listing the top-ranking players in Primal Lord challenges.

Labyrinth Quest Event

During the event, exploring the Labyrinth earns you additional points, and you can collect great rewards by reaching specific point milestones. The first session begins on April 1, 00:00 UTC - April 8, 00:00 UTC, and the second on April 29, 00:00 UTC - May 5, 00:00 UTC.
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