Journey Unfolds – Vala: Phantom of Oakenfell

Vala, a Lightbearer hero, carries a dual identity. By day, she embodies the grace of a noblewoman; by night, she assumes the role of a compassionate rogue.
Is she the noblewoman with a parasol or the thief wielding a rifle spear? What secrets lie behind the enigmatic lady? Let's delve into her story today!

Vala's Identity

In the story, Vala is portrayed as a noblewoman of the Lightbearer Empire, indulging in a life of luxury alongside her loyal servants. Despite Lady Vala's graceful demeanor, a subtle air of mystery envelops her: she possesses a deep understanding of antiques and is able to tell the real thing from the fake at a glance. While nobles respect her expertise, they also wonder how she acquires such vast experience and insight.
Underneath her elegant facade, Vala is also a skilled rogue, both sharp-witted and compassionate. As night descends, she takes action against oppressive nobles and offers assistance to the commoners in any way possible.
Vala carefully guards her secret identity and rarely works with others. Her skill design also reflects this trait (see the skill section for more details).

Is it just a parasol?

Wherever she goes, Vala is never without her trusted pet bird and a custom-crafted parasol. She uses it to protect herself from both the sunlight and rain, just as any noblewoman would.
But is the parasol just a tool to shield her from sunlight and rain? As a skilled fighter, Vala has undergone years of rigorous training. It seems unlikely that she would still shy away from sunlight or rain like a pampered noblewoman. Could the parasol be part of her disguise?
In reality, the parasol is a formidable weapon, meticulously crafted to transform between a parasol and a deadly rifle spear with a sharp blade tip— a lady's accessory by day, a lethal weapon by night.
Design-wise, umbrella-shaped weapons are common in video game characters. For Vala, we focused on the similarities between a parasol and a rifle spear, incorporating intricate designs to reflect her dual personality. This blend of elegance and lethality also adds depth to her character.
P.S.: Vala's pet bird is anything but ordinary. Rumored to mimic human speech flawlessly, it ventures where humans cannot reach to gather vital intel for Lady Vala.

Vala's Skills

Vala is a strong fighter skilled in two combat styles. She can snipe enemies from a distance with her rifle spear or engage them up close with her sword.

Notice Beforehand

At the beginning of the battle, Vala tags the farthest enemy with the Notice Beforehand. She will then focus on the tagged enemy, draining the target's Energy with each hit. Once the tagged unit is defeated, Vala will issue another Notice Beforehand to tag either the farthest enemy in ranged mode or the nearest enemy in melee mode.


Ultimate: Swift Shift

Swift Shift is Vala's Ultimate skill. When casting Swift Shift on an empty tile on the battlefield, Vala will jump to that tile and switch to ranged mode. She will focus her ranged attack on the enemy tagged by Notice Beforehand, dealing massive damage and stunning the target with special stun ammo.
When casting Swift Shift directly on an enemy, she will switch to melee mode and attack the target with her sword, dealing a large amount of true damage. All of her normal attacks in this mode become melee attacks.


Her passive skill, Checkmate, works differently depending on her combat mode. In ranged mode, Vala's bullets can temporarily reduce the target's Haste.
In melee mode, Checkmate allows Vala to unleash a series of attacks that briefly stun her target. Combined with the Notice Beforehand skill, she can effectively focus her attacks on a specific enemy while maintaining the flexibility to switch targets for a finishing blow as needed.

Night Maneuver

Once Vala's exclusive skill, Night Maneuver, is unlocked, she will fade into the shadows for a short period after defeating the enemy tagged by Notice Beforehand. During this period, she gains movement speed and Haste boost, and remains untargetable unless all her allies are defeated. This skill allows her to evade enemy attacks after finishing off her target.


Vala awaits you in the storyline of AFK Journey upon the official release. Her impressive skills and captivating character design make her an essential part of your journey through Esperia. To uncover more of Vala's story and begin an exciting adventure as Magister Merlin, download AFK Journey now!
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