Traveler’s Guide to Holistone

Introduction to Holistone

Welcome to Holistone, a lively and historic small town known for its rich heritage, bustling commerce, and hospitable residents. Most locals work in agriculture or in local shops, enjoying a relaxed, fulfilling pace of life. Take a leisurely stroll along the cobblestone streets or chat with the warm, welcoming locals, and you'll quickly discover the unique charm of this delightful town.



During the Astral Fair, Holistone offers a range of fun activities, including Trivia Quizzes and Sorting Stall events. This time of year, the town buzzes with life, inviting visitors from near and far to enjoy its unique festive charm.


This guide will provide an in-depth look at Holistone's various districts, highlighting the best attractions and activities the town has to offer.


Plaza District

The Plaza District is the heart of Holistone. It serves as the main hub for commerce and is a key location where residents gather, socialize, and celebrate.


Here, you can see the magnificent statue of Goddess Dura. Holistone is named after the Faith Stone left by Dura in the Remnant Peaks, used to combat Hypogeans and protect residents. She safeguards this land, symbolizing harvest and prosperity. Townspeople pray at her statue, asking for her blessings for fertile land and healthy crops. Of course, you can also toss a Holistone Coin into her pool and make a wish, and perhaps you too will receive Dura's blessing!



The prosperity of Holistone is closely tied to the Mithril Consortium. In the Plaza District, you will notice the Mithril Guild Hall. The Mithril Consortium is a large trading company founded by Reginald, a renowned business magnate of the Lightbearer Empire, whose operations span the entire continent. Recently, the Mithril Consortium has been acquiring a large number of celebratory goods for the Astral Fair. You can join in the selection process to help the Consortium purchase festival supplies from merchants.


The square in front of the Mithril Guild Hall is where Holistone hosts its Trivia Quiz events during the Astral Fair. Don't miss out! Answering questions correctly could earn you a Wisdom Hat. Don it with pride, and everyone will know how clever you are!



Commercial District

There are many shops and stalls around the square. It's a paradise for shoppers and the liveliest place in town. The Commercial District offers a wide range of goods from daily necessities to rare treasures.


At the heart of the Commercial District is a merchant named Keith, who specializes in rare and exotic goods. His stall showcases a diverse array of unique items across the realm. Keith also has a special policy: he only sells his most valuable goods to loyal customers who've already spent a certain amount at his shop. If you visit Holistone, be sure to see what treasures await.



Ironhoof Forge is another must-visit place in the Commercial District. The owner, Bova Ironhoof, claims to be one of the best craftsmen of the Maulers, and personally forges every piece of equipment. Whether you're a rogue, warrior, support, mage, tank, or marksman, you'll be sure to find suitable gear here.




Additionally, the Commercial District features a variety of food stalls where you can sample authentic local snacks and delicacies. Whether it's the bustling market atmosphere or the diverse range of goods, this district will keep you coming back for more.



Tavern District


Welcome to the Mithril Tavern! Located on the west side of beautiful Holistone, it's the perfect place to enjoy fine wines and delicious food. Every day, minstrels in the tavern sing tales of Merlin, the Fire and Frost, and the Woodland Folk. Let the fine wines and gourmet dishes resonate with your palate, leaving you with unforgettable memories.


Your visit is warmly anticipated!



Residential Districts

Holistone has two Residential Districts: North and South.


North District

The North Residential District is nestled by the lake, offering a picturesque waterside view. You can set off from the pier and take the water route to the Dark Forest, exploring the mysterious realm of the Wilders.


P9北居民区 黄昏


Magister Merlin's Camelossus sometimes stops here, and if you are lucky during your visit, you may spot some notable figures from Esperia passing through. Just imagine the wonderous adventures they discuss!



South District

The South Residential District features beautiful waterfalls and winding streams. From here, you can conveniently take a carriage to the Golden Wheatshire and the Remnant Peaks to explore natural wonders and historic relics.



Whether you choose the North or South Residential Districts, Holistone will provide you with a warm and cozy home to hang your hat.


Holistone Outskirts

If you wish to explore the surrounding areas during your travels in Holistone, the eastern outskirts boast the enchanting natural beauty of Ryeham, perfect for leisure-loving travelers. Ryeham features vast wheat fields, ancient windmills, and traditional farmhouses, offering visitors a taste of rural life and local fresh produce.



The stunning Mirror Lake is located here as well. Recently, a sudden drop in temperature caused the lake to freeze, which was quite unusual. Thanks to Magister Merlin, Mirror Lake has returned to normal and makes for a great fishing spot!



To the west, the Remnant Peaks are perfect for travelers who enjoy adventure, exploration, and hiking. This area boasts abundant historical relics and breathtaking natural scenery, with the grand Sun Temple and Moon Temple nestled amidst the mountains. Rumor has it that a music-loving Celestial has been spotted at the Moon Temple.


In addition to the scholars who come to excavate, Syndicate traders and treasure thieves have been known to lurk in this region. Please exercise caution, discern carefully, and prioritize safety, dear tourists.


P14神像 白天


Ending Remarks

That concludes our complete introduction to Holistone! If you encounter any dangers or difficulties during your stay, please contact Magistrate Hogan promptly, and he'll be sure to assist you. Wishing you a safe and enjoyable time in Holistone! is your best AFK Journey information website, featuring guides, database, builds, tier list, news, and more.

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