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Deep in the forest resides an ancient and benevolent guardian known as Ulmus. As an elder of the Wilders, he safeguards every creature in the forest with unwavering will and a truly selfless heart. Join us today to explore the tale of this new hero!

开发者日志 大树


Legend of the Ancient Guardian

Ulmus is not merely an elder of the Wilders, but the guardian of the entire forest. While no one knows his exact age, the nimble squirrels he safeguards love to hide under his branches, collecting nuts as a way to tease him about his age: a pine nut represents a century, while acorns represent individual years. Ulmus can always count on these playful little critters for a good laugh. No matter his true age, his nurturing care for all the creatures of the forest has never faltered.


He uses branches and vines to solve his friends' troubles. Whether it's the Wilders themselves, forest animals, or freshly bloomed flowers, all have benefited from his help at some point in time. Needless to say, his kindness and wisdom make him an indispensable part of the forest. As generations of creatures grow under his protection, the lines on Ulmus's face grow deeper. Tree rings have always marked time, and they are a silent testament to his honorable service.

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Ulmus's Skills

As a Wilder tank, Ulmus is known for his kind, gentle demeanor. But when things get hectic, he showcases exceptional valor and protective instincts. Ulmus operates in two combat states: normal and rooted.


Ancient Tenacity

In his normal state, Ulmus slams the ground to knock down his target and nearby enemies. But when his HP drops below a certain threshold, he enters a rooted state and switches to ranged attacks, hurling a giant rock to topple his targets instead.

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Verdant Barrier

Ulmus can apply a shield to himself, and when this shield is broken, it damages nearby enemies. In his rooted state, Verdant Barrier provides a shield for a frontline allied hero instead.

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Way of the Forest

This skill allows Ulmus to regenerate a certain percentage of his lost HP per second. In his rooted state, Way of the Forest instead provides continuous energy recovery rather than HP.

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Prowling Roots

Ulmus's exclusive skill, Prowling Roots, can control the pace of battle. Whenever an enemy is knocked in the air, knocked down, or forcibly displaced, he binds the target with roots, prolonging their knockdown time and causing additional damage. This control effect can only trigger once in a specified period for the same enemy.

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Ending Remarks

Ulmus continues to stand tall like an ancient guardian, firmly anchored in the heart of the forest. He offers refuge to all woodland beings, safeguarding this verdant realm with boundless compassion and unyielding resolve. Let us witness the splendor of the Grove Keeper in the upcoming adventure together!


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